"A Phone Call In Amsterdam" Is Valley's Tribute to Long Distance Relationships


Having just embarked on a sold out North American tour with Lennon Stella, Toronto's favorite millennial pop band Valley is back at it again with a wholesome new single, "A Phone Call In Amsterdam." Comprised of musically trained, multi-instrumentalists whose paths crossed when a recording studio double-booked their sessions years ago, Valley embraces their DIY work ethic and infinite optimism with every aspect of their musical journey.

Following Valley's 2018  MAYBE - Side A EP,  "A Phone Call In Amsterdam" is an exploration of the anxiety that builds up when you express love to someone, especially when distance is an impacting factor. A sincere tribute to long distance relationships, the honest lyricism begs for reassurance and the buoyant melody returns the desperate call with optimism. The lighthearted chiming and crushing percussion are the perfect pairing to Valley's message of hope in this long distance anthem.

On "A Phone Call In Amsterdam," Valley's lead vocalist Rob Laska shared:

"'A Phone Call In Amsterdam' very much exists on its own texture and space. It carries a lot of emotional concept about distance and love between two people that are physically not in the same space but the melodies are very hopeful–the juxtaposition really gives it feeling and that final drop feels like fleeing. It's very much a huge definition of who we are in terms of sound, melodies, and structure."

Make "A Phone Call In Amsterdam" without overwhelming your phone bill below:

+ Catch Valley on their sold out North American tour with Lennon Stella!


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