Alec Wigdahl Is Cutting Through the Noise

Photo: Joseph Morrison

Alec Wigdahl is self-taught, self-reliant, and overall confident in his ability to create music that not only resonates with him but with others as well. Drawing inspiration from a medley of influences, from Aerosmith to John Mayer, Wigdahl's brand of emotive R&B-infused pop speaks volumes to his talents as a songwriter, producer, and vocalist. His recent emergence in the pop world is not only noteworthy but significant as we watch an emerging artist so effortlessly adapt and excel in a constantly evolving genre.

His growing discography, comprised of a handful of singles and two EPs, is a salient example of his talents in creating both groove-inducing and emotion-invoking records. Gaining significant traction after his signing with Internet Money Records/10K Projects, Wigdahl released his self-proclaimed five-track debut EP, Strawberry.  

The project embodies the trials and tribulations the 19-year-old up-and-coming artist has faced atop of blended synthetic and live instrumentation. Although many of the records found on Strawberry operate from a place of stripped-back production, his latest release finds Wigdahl tapping into a more dynamic pop sound.

The Los Angeles-based artist's latest single, "Cologne," is a departure from the guitar-lead sentiments of his debut and a plunge into more elaborate beat-driven production. This new soundscape still carries Wigdahl's signature romantically tortured lyrics and polished vocals, as he captures the fragility of a tumultuous relationship. Singing, "I told you that I'm over her / Now I just think I need to prove it," Wigdahl compliments the pulsating almost anxiety-riddled energy of the song's production with lyrics that vividly paint the internal struggle felt when a new intimate relationship presents itself.

Alec Wigdahl may be a new face but his continued adaption, creativity, and, most importantly, high quality of musical output are thrusting him into spaces few artists ever get to trek. As the pop genre continues to evolve with newer and fresher elements, it appears Wigdahl will be right by its side, creating music that is not only stimulating but potent in its ability to cut through the noise.  

Listen to  "Cologne" below:

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