Amber Ryann Flexes Her True, Authentic Self on "Been High"

In an era where flexing on social media is commonplace, Ernie Ball artist ambassador Amber Ryann denounces the need for external validation on her new single “Been High.” Set to appear on her forthcoming song collection, Sign of the Times, the track is an upbeat hip-hop offering intertwined with electric guitars and centered on real-life experiences and an unwavering belief in her own artistic success.

“Been High” is a track birthed from Ryann’s philosophy on life and her career, patiently awaiting her turn to shine as she works tirelessly build the career of her dreams. “The song is about having confidence in yourself and not having any need to prove anything to anyone else,” says Ryann. “Being your true and authentic self is the greatest flex of all time. I think about the moments I feel high off of life, and that’s doing everyday things that I love most with my friends or just creating.”

“My friend and colleague, Angel Torres, sent me a demo he had written a couple years back with the first line in the hook being ‘Flexin’ overrated I’ve been high all my life,’ and I honestly thought it was the most fire concept I had ever heard. That statement in itself represents who I am as an artist, so I knew I wanted to recreate the track and build from there,” adds Ryann. That iconic hook displays her rare self-awareness and an authenticity well beyond her years, making her an artist listeners should keep their eyes and ears on.

Ryann discovered music as a source of comfort when she was young, and as she got older, she saw creating her own music as an opportunity to make sense of the world around her. Her music’s originality and diversity are derived from her family and her own experiences. Her father, a hip-hop producer, her mother, who was a fan of late '90s R&B and hip-hop music, and the fast-emerging early 2000s emo, hardcore, and alternative rock scenes that captured her attention as a teenager all form a core part of her artist expression. Her experiences as part of the LGBTQ community have also greatly influenced her writing, her broad taste in music, and her willingness to share her inner self with complete honesty.

Alongside her talents in music, Ryann is also her own graphic artist, merch designer, music video writer and director, and art director for anything and everything that comes out of her unique brand. Truly redefining being a “triple threat,” fans gravitate en masse to her authenticity, vulnerability, and accessibility as a human being and an artist.

Listen to "Been High" below:

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