Ambré Stands at a Crossroads of Past, Present, and Future R&B in 'Pulp'


There’s an underlying debate in music that affects both artists and listeners alike, sometimes without either even realizing it. When you’re on aux and play Megan thee Stallion with someone who grew up blasting Missy Elliot, the complaint is usually somewhere along the lines of, “Music isn’t being created the way it was before."  

In regards to the type of music that artists are creating today and the songs that listeners are currently digesting, the question usually sits on a generational line. Do we create and appreciate music that adheres to the type of songs that paved the path for today's generation, or do we go out on a limb and highlight modern creative differences? With the steady rise of the New Orleans native Ambré, we’re pushed to answer the question in a more inclusive way. It’s more complex than that.

The twenty-three-year-old singer, songwriter, producer, and overall multifaceted musician is a perfect blend of that '90s R&B nostalgia your parents blasted on Sunday evenings and an avant-garde spin on contemporary R&B. Formerly releasing music under the name Ambre Perkins, Ambré has reappeared with her debut EP Pulp,  following the 2017 independent release of 2090. The young creative has been anything but silent in the three year period of time, appearing on tracks with the likes of TOKiMONSTA, Isaiah Rashad, and Keys N Krates, in addition to being nominated for three Grammys and winning "Best R&B Album” for co-writing two tracks on H.E.R.’s 2017 self-titled album.

At the tail end of her journey on 'The Painted Tour' with fellow up-and-coming R&B superstars Lucky Daye and Josh Dean, alongside the immediate news of her signing onto Roc Nation, Ambré's long-awaited EP is finally here. Pulp wields a sentimental hue while maintaining a sort of electricity that is uniquely her own. Garnishing attractive features from G-Eazy, BJ the Chicago Kid, and Jean Deaux, Pulp has the makings of a project capable of establishing itself at the root of modern R&B and blooming into a refreshing fusion of past, present, and future.

Listen to Pulp below:

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