Anna Sofia Gets Roped Into Socializing in "No Fun" Video


Photo: Steph Verschuren

Anna Sofia’s beloved “No Fun” was single-handedly responsible for the incitement of the introvert uprising this fall when the track first dropped early November. And now, the promising 16-year-old artist has returned with a colorful new music video for the song that is sure to have extroverts cowering and introverts dancing alone in their rooms.

Despite the title, the “No Fun" vIdeo is a lively display riddled with activities meant to elicit joy, activities which Sofia would happily pass on if she could. Christened with bright colors, bedazzled gems, and a group of well-meaning extroverted friends, "No Fun” explores Sofia’s lone-wolf disposition as the friend who would rather spend the night in. The Toronto artist spoke further on the creating of the song, sharing,

'No Fun' was written after a birthday my friends threw for me. The song started with a cool chord progression I was working on and talking to my producer about the party. During the party one of my friends accidentally smashed a window and no one would own up to who did it - we had to investigate and didn't find out until the next morning. The next day however, my friend's house was a literal disaster and I had to clean the whole house and had a terrible day aka 'No Fun.' The lyric in the song 'broke a window and a heart or two,' makes me laugh every time I think back to that night when someone ran up to me and told me about what happened!"

The charming single is a pleasant introduction to her forthcoming EP,  Self Aware Bitch, which will be gracing us sooner than later. With an all-too-relatable single and a vibrant music video to match, Sofia has set the stage for an impactful introverted anthem.  

Listen to “No Fun” below:

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