Meet April June, the Artist Making Music For Those Who Love as Deeply As They Mourn

Romantically melancholic, April June makes nostalgic lofi pop for the ones that love as deeply as they mourn.

Telling stories through gloom and longing, UK songstress April June has made spring into sound, encapsulating soft pastels into a sonic daydream. She writes songs that penetrate beneath the skin, singing about all the blue shades of love, though you can get lost in Bernardo Martins’ wistful production and miss the burn of her grief-stained lyrics.

Effortlessly finding her way onto editorial playlists and lo-fi mixes, April June’s gravity is powerful. The 2022 Yot Club-assisted single “Stuck On You” has racked up over eight million streams on Spotify alone, while tracks like “biking to your house” and “summer bruises” trail closely behind.

What makes people fall into her music is the feeling of comfort she invokes. The trenches of heartbreak and euphoria of newly bloomed romance can be isolating, yet April June has made a home for the lonely and lustful. She’s only released singles following her 2020 EP feelings on the internet, building anticipation for a yet-to-be-realized full body of work that hides just beyond the horizon.

Reinventing herself through different pseudonyms over the years, she’s now releasing music through the lo-fi indie label Spirit Goth and is more herself than ever before. The lovechild of Lana Del Rey, girl in red, and The Marías, there isn’t a single doubt that April June will flourish into an unforgettable name.

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