Audrey MiKa and Her Toy Microphone Are Taking the Internet By Storm


Just as  Ones To Watch alumna Alessia Cara did years ago, Audrey MiKa is earning major recognition from her growing YouTube channel, where she posts popular covers during which she sings into her taped-up toy microphone. Though she's originally from the Bay Area, MiKA recently took a giant leap of faith and moved out of her childhood home, which she sentimentally celebrated with an emotional cover of Jeremy Zucker's "you were good to me." With two incredible full-length albums under her belt, MiKa is coming in strong to the mainstream scene, and it's about time you give her a listen.

In August of 2015, a young Audrey Armacost posted a video of herself singing an original song titled "Paper Jet" and little did she know where her career would lead from that point on. Ever since then, she's been consistently posting on her YouTube channel, but now she also has two full-length records to her name. The former Are We There Yet (LP 2018) very much offers the developing stylings of a fruitful MiKa as she took great strides to discover herself as a flourishing musician.

On the other hand, 2019's Level Up is quite literally a signifier of MiKa's exponential growth in just one year. From bouncy instrumentals in "Pure" to harp-like soundscapes in "Unofficial," Level Up hears a mature side of MiKa that Are We There Yet could not yet display. A fan favorite on this wholesome record, "Blueberry Skies" beautifully showcases MiKa's gorgeous vocals that she's been honing over the years.

Familiarize yourself with Audrey MiKa's loveable personality and enrapturing vocals before her musical career explodes:

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