Beauty School Dropout Deliver an Electrifying Label Debut With "Assassin"


If you don't know the name Beauty School Dropout, you're missing out. After making a name for themselves through a series of rapturous pop-up concerts in Los Angeles and DJ sets at Bar Lis, the dynamic three-piece, comprised of Colie Hutzler, Brent Burdett, and Bardo, is setting the stage for a breakout moment with the release of their label debut single "Assassin."

Spearheaded by none other than Blink 182's Mark Hoppus under new label Verswire with Fall Out Boy's Pete Wentz and Sherry Saeedi, Beauty School Dropout makes their grand debut in blistering fashion, bridging the nostalgia and angst of guitar-driven rock with a uniquely modern vision. Opening on Hutzler's emotionally-charged vocals, which eventually pave the way for an electrifying breakdown of stampeding drums and thundering guitars, the trio's signature sound surges forward to tell a tried-and-true tale of a toxic relationship.

"We chose 'Assassin' as our first single because we feel that falling out of love with our toxic relationships is the most universally shared experience in life that people can relate to, as quoted in the song, 'Fell in love with the ways that you kill me.' We hope that our fans and listeners resonate with the record as much as we do," share Beauty School Dropout.  

"Assassin" feels like the first chapter of something much, much larger yet to come. And with pop-punk and guitar-led rock coming back in full force, there could not be a better time for a band like Beauty School Dropout, whose anthemic music screams stadium-ready, to lay their mark on the music world at large.  

Watch the "Assassin" video below:

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