BENEE's Groovy Tune Is "Soaked" with Indie-Pop Righteousness [NEW ARTIST DISCOVERY]


We're so pleased to be introducing you to your newest indie-pop obsession: BENEE. Pronounced "Benny," the 19-year-old from Auckland, New Zealand was recently signed to Republic Records, where she'll be releasing her highly-anticipated debut EP later this year. With the rerelease of her infectious breakout single, "Soaked," we're more than certain that BENEE should be on your radar now more than ever before.

An incredibly catchy tune about being at a loss for words for someone, "Soaked" is drenched with funky bass lines and irresistible melodies.  What's so special about BENEE is that she's not afraid to carve out her own sonic landscape as she pulls inspiration from various elements of indie pop, R&B, and funk.  Taking responsibility for her past actions, BENEE exemplifies maturity and honesty in the bubbly "Soaked."  


Directed by Taylor Mansfield, the accompanying music video for "Soaked" depicts BENEE stranded in a small boat surrounded by the calm sea until we discover that her wicked alter ego is the overseer of the command post that controls the environmental conditions. Cursing the forsaken BENEE with harsh weather and odious bird droppings, the sadistic commandant takes pride in making BENEE's travels unbearable. By the end of the visual, BENEE is so exasperated she jumps out of the boat and straight into the ocean.

On "Soaked," BENEE reflected:

"To see my song catch on with so many people already has been amazing. And now signing with Republic to bring my music out into the world is just bloody crazy."

Avoid shipwreck with BENEE on her tricky journey overseas with the "Soaked" video below and keep an eye on this one in the near future.

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