BETWEEN FRIENDS Return to Their DIY Roots in the Technicolor 'garage sale'

Photo: The Cobrasnake

Less than a year after the release of LA duo BETWEEN FRIENDS' debut album, I Love My Girl She's My Boy, the brother-sister duo return with their latest EP, garage sale. Following in the footsteps of their debut album's nostalgic themes and sounds, the six-track collection builds on that already rock-steady foundation. Specifically, it mines the retro effects and features of '90s DIY music, referencing tracks that sound like they were made in a garage and creating a unique, dreamy sound that reflects the siblings' self-taught musical backgrounds.

The EP opens with "Drive over me," which stands out immediately with its futuristic-like production. Armed with edgy guitar riffs, funk bass lines, and poppy percussion patterns, Savannah Hudson's diaphanous vocals take on an edge as she transforms and falls head over heels for a crush. The chorus's lyrics are meant to be screamed with your whole chest, "Fun, I like you more than life / So drives right over me / I'm kissing on your wheels tonight / Take your automobile / Show me that I can feel fine."

"Eyes on my baby" is a captivating blend of '80s synth-pop that exudes unbeatable nostalgic pop charm. This track is adorned with upbeat drums and synths and radiates an innate main-character energy, making it a perfect fit for cinematic scenes and experiences. Weaving a tale of lovelorn obsession, the duo vividly portrays a love interest so perfect that they are described as sleeping in daisies. They masterfully merge vintage influences, showcasing their exceptional ability to perfectly merge the left-field draw of the early 2000s and the vibrancy of the '80s.

"Clear," the shortest track on the project, offers a brief sonic respite from the lush, kaleidoscopic, and captivating sounds of Sav and Brandon. Although still intricate and luxurious in its production, the track's soothing atmospheric energy invites the listener to lay down their heads as the Hudsons lie awake at night thinking about the person who has their hearts and owes them an apology.

The EP's finale, "Friends," opens with a spacey collage of guitar fuzz and synths before cutting to the summery strums of a solitary guitar. As layers of mellow percussion and subtle warped production effects come back into play, Savannah Hudson's dreamy vocals draw the listener in. Despite working overtime for "dirt cheap," she shares that it's all worth it because her love interest is with her, expressing, "I could walk forever with you." In the playfully hopeful chorus, jangly guitar riffs, grooving bass, and Brandon's robust vocals harmonize seamlessly with Sav, creating a textural hook that's simply irresistible.

Listen to garage sale below:

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