BETWEEN FRIENDS Has Us "blushing!" as They Debut Their Dream Pop Playlist [FIRST LOOK]


Photo:  Isaac Sterling

BETWEEN FRIENDS, a brother-sister duo from sunny Los Angeles, is truly expanding the dream pop genre with their unfiltered creative approach to music. Savannah and Brandon Hudson, joined by drummer Brennan Benko, are more than just close siblings who argue about chores and sit through family reunions together. These two brilliant artists have taken it upon themselves to join forces and share their cherished talents as BETWEEN FRIENDS, who just debuted the synthy dream pop playlist of the year, we just need some time together.

BETWEEN FRIENDS' newest synth-driven single, "blushing!," acts as a synopsis of the we just need some time together playlist, as it embodies their innovative style and concludes this first stage of their collective growth. With soothing vocals and lush melodies, "blushing!" sees BETWEEN FRIENDS celebrating pleasant memories and rejuvenation.  

The accompanying music video (which is teased below) opens with Savannah sporting an edgy black leather jacket and chartreuse high-waisted pants as she stands over a white bicycle, but never does she actually ride it. Instead, she hops in Brandon's fresh red convertible and the two drive off as the teaser cuts off.

On "blushing!" and their DIY approach to music, BETWEEN FRIENDS exclusively shared with us,

"The goal with 'blushing!' was to summarize the emotions that carry this first project. It almost feels like summer to us and 'blushing!' is the last day of break. We are creators and we love to do what we strongly believe in. A lot of new artists accidentally rely on others to get things done based on the 'industry standard.' For us, we just want to move and we realize that although having a team is important, only YOU can move your art forward in the directions you imagine. This group of songs has been with us through a lot: house parties, studio sessions, label meetings, late nights. We thought this would be a good intro for us and we love being so hands on with everything throughout the process."


With a focus on relatable themes like truth, love, and adolescence, we just need some time together was entirely handcrafted by Savannah and Brandon in their home studio. The playlist's opening track, "iloveyou" leads with crushing bass lines and continues into a captivating hook that reminds you of your last romance. "u can still come over" is an ode to past relationships with downtempo beats and brooding vocals and the acclaimed "affection" was written at a time when BETWEEN FRIENDS' members were experiencing major individual and collective growth in every sense.  

Urging listeners to step out of their comfort zones, "better friends" is BETWEEN FRIENDS' homage to the complicated experiences surrounding youth culture. The playlist leaves us with "blushing!" as our stunned faces become rosy pink upon finishing BETWEEN FRIENDS' dreamy pop greatness that is we just need some time together. On we just need some time together, BETWEEN FRIENDS reflected,

"'we just need some time together' was the title we imagined for our first project since we were like 16-18. We thought it was a statement sentence that could be interpreted in several ways: we just need some time together with our now listeners, them with us, we just need some time together as a group. It means a lot to us and it's crazy that after sitting on it for two years, it's finally on the Internet."

Find out why BETWEEN FRIENDS has us "blushing!" with we just need some time together below:

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