Biig Piig Showcases Her Versatility and Dreamlike Vocals in 'No Place for Patience, Vol. 3'


READ:  Biig Piig Is the Dreamy Neo-Soul Lyricist You've Been Waiting For

Jess Smyth, better known as Biig Piig, is crafting a unique sound that will have listeners pressing repeat until the button breaks. The 21-year-old Irish artist, who was raised in Spain and now calls London home, has found herself in the midst of a hip-hop renaissance. From freestyling at a house party to the release of her two previous EPs, Biig Piig continues to master her sound, a sonic art of combining angelic vocals with often juxtaposing production.  

No Place for Patience, Vol. 3 is a gorgeous blend of hip-hop, indie, lo-fi, soul, all playing out in a succinct 12-minute run. The EP begins with the lead single, "Roses and Gold," a diverse and dreamy track sung in English and Spanish. With a hypnotic delivery the chorus echoes, "I saw roses and gold / When I looked at you," before Biig Piig switches to Spanish for a hazy and moving refrain. Yet, a moment later, in an understated and mysterious voice, Smyth coos, "Heart too cold to be held so close." In the span of her opening track, Biig Piig demonstrates that If she so chooses to charm with a dreamlike melody or to takeover on a verse, she will do it just as well as any of her contemporaries.  

This soundscape of a hazy sweet dream is all the more encapsulating on a track like "Pingu." Each word that escapes Smyth's lips echoes with a sense of sincerity and warmth. "Pingu" is the perfect song to lose yourself in and sway to. Biig Piig perfectly captures the fading feeling of falling into a dream one would never want to wake from.  

As No Place for Patience, Vol. 3 comes to a close, Biig Piig flexes her ability to technically deliver a verse on "Lie to Me," featuring Mac Wetha. Over gentle high hats and soft guitar chords to match, Biig Piig delivers a message of accepting the flaws and lies of those we want to be perfect. Regardless of all red flags, Smyth explains, "I will always put you first, before the truth / Even though I shouldn't." Biig Piig spoke further on her dreamlike EP, sharing,  

"'No Place For Patience, Vol. 3' feels like the most honest with myself I've been through the EPs: it's more of a self-reflective project. Facing hard truths and taking all the good and bad from them. It feels to me like a resolve, less self-pity more of facing that side of myself that I resent so much and trying to make peace with it so I can say adios to the part that gets me into sticky situation and runs away with trouble and argues with love because of disagreements. It's like facing this phase and reflecting on events that have got me to this state and finally saying goodbye. Life is too short to fumble around being careless and wallow in the mistakes I fall into after. I've no place for patience in my heart anymore, to be honest. We grown."

Biig Piig seems to have it all figured out. Whether it be delivering a verse with a type of precision typically reserved for hip-hop standouts or a chorus that would fit perfectly at home on any dream pop playlist, Biig Piig is capable of doing it all. And with the release of  No Place for Patience, Vol. 3, the up-and-coming artist has honed in on her innate ability to capture a unique feeling of comfort and groove.

Listen to No Place for Patience, Vol. 3 below:  

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