Bishop Ivy Creates an Eccentric and Nostalgic Experience with 'All Things Temporary' EP [PREMIERE]

Newcomer Bishop Ivy beautifully weaves together alternative pop, rock, and electronic to form a new EP that is one of a kind, strung together by effortless transitions. The whoosh of the train tracks signals the beginning of the album and acts as a guiding tool throughout All Things Temporary. The train is shown as imagery in the video for "15," where faded vignettes depict the singer lost and wandering. "15" is only the beginning for Bishop Ivy, as his EP is an eccentric and nostalgic experience.  

Bishop Ivy gave us insight into the EP's meaning,

“'All Things Temporary' is the story of my move in the middle of high school across the country. Each song is a different scene, from beforehand to during the move and after. All of the train noises and images represent my physical change in location but more importantly my change in emotions from lamentation to acceptance.”

Bishop Ivy starts his journey cross-country with "Red Line," hearing the screeching stop of the subway car, the doors open, and then we are transported to "15." The first single off the album,  "15″ takes you into an oasis. You hear beautiful sounds at every note, and you just want to sit back and have front-man Cam Crowley serenade you forever. The video for "15" paints the scene, a young man in awe of the cityscapes. After you are whisked away and hear this explosion of music, you are shaken back to reality by an alarm. It's not the iPhone alarm; it's an exaggerated version, complete with a muffled sigh.  

It ends with an ephemeral-sounding noise, and then "Nomadic," and we start to see the genres intertwine. "Nomadic" is a ballad but also includes electronic, rap-like vocals, with R&B eerie music echoing in the background. Then Bishop Ivy channels lovelytheband with "Heaven." Its drum beat will make anyone bob their head, as Cam Crowley sings over and over, "Nothing really matters." The beautiful music blends in perfectly with the next song, "Ghost." This slow-churning pop song has gospel synths that can truly make you introspective. Bishop Ivy ends his EP with a song that sounds like the Backstreet Boys became indie and new again, leaving us on a positive note.  

Cam Crowley is the heart of Bishop Ivy. He writes, co-produces, and is the chief instrumentalist for the band. The EP crosses genres as the band crosses state lines, and we loved every second of it.

Your first listen of the diverse All Things Temporary  EP is here:

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