Boslen Sees Nothing but "VULTURES" on New Single


We would be remiss to not look toward the Great White North for some of our next musical obsessions. Canada has always been a fertile breeding ground for some of the most dominant artists in the industry today. From hip-hop to R&B, Canadian-based artists are tapping into something that is not only a representation of their surroundings but incredibly relatable to the rest of the world. One of the brightest rising artists emerging from the area is none other than Boslen, a rap artist whose energetic delivery and gritty sonic backdrop create a palpable display of an artist with a lot ahead of him.

His new single, "VULTURES," is chock-full of his lively spirit, a spirit that translates far beyond his musical expression. The Vancouver native's new single marks his first release since his seven-track debut EP, BLACK LOTUS, released in December of last year. Very much in the same vein of the powerful presence and space-like aurora that is becoming synonymous with his name, Boslen's first single, from his upcoming summer album, is another reassuring example of his continuous refinement.

Tapping into a hyper-euphoric sound, Boslen raps with an unshakeable confidence that compliments the driving trap production that is ever so lightly accompanied by electronic elements. His voice is both an instrument as well as an amplifier for his illustrative lyrics that surround fidelity, lovers, and ultimately the exhilarating lifestyle of a young artist on the rise. "VULTURES" is a glimpse into Boslen's world, a small sliver of what the rapper is seeing, feeling, and experiencing.

Listen to "VULTURES" below:

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