Celebrate International Women's Day with 10 Women Who Push Boundaries Past Music


International Women's Day is the one day a year that women get to shine. In a historically patriarchal society, women are the driving force behind many important projects and movements. They inspire us through their hard work and determination to succeed in a man's world. These strong females want the world to hear their stories and spread their empowering messages of self-acceptance, love, and much more.    

Discover 10 ladies who are pushing the boundaries past music and inspiring our generation to be the best versions of ourselves.  

Jamila Woods  

Ivy league educated poet and singer Jamila Woods is putting her degree from Brown in Africana Studies and Theatre & Performance Studies to good use. Aside from creating alluring R&B tunes, the Chicagoan is a published poet and the Associate Artistic Director of the non-profit youth organization Young Chicago Authors. She organizes the largest poetry festival in the world, creates curriculum for Chicago public school system, and teaches young people about poetry throughout Chicago. She is inspiring the next generation to take advantage of the creative prowess they all possess.

Ella Vos

Creating music and touring are already difficult, impressive feats, but Ella Vos did it all while battling one of the most evil monsters in the world. While on tour, she found out that she had lymphoma, but still persevered through her tour. The day after she received the news about her cancer, she got on stage and sang her heart out at Okeechobee Festival. She continued to perform while she got treatments. Keep in mind, all of this was occurring as Vos was raising a toddler! Now in remission, Ella Vos is still creating transcendental songs that transport us to her beautiful world.


Ray BLK is the empowered feminist we all hope to be. BLK stands for Building Living Knowing and perfectly encapsulates the message that she emits. Her R&B anthems tackle very controversial contemporary issues, from police brutality to the #MeToo movement, and are inspiring people to take change and form their own opinions.

King Princess

Not only is she the princess of indie pop, but she is the queen of the LGBT+ community. King Princess is making more than just indie pop bops; she's giving a voice to an entire community. Her outspoken activism shines through in her recent song, "Pussy Is God," that racked up over 12 million streams on Spotify alone. King Princess is not only making waves through her music, but she is inspiring millions to embrace their sexuality and own their identity.

Charlotte Lawrence

Charlotte Lawrence knows how to make the most of what she has. Her dreamy voice has led her to a career in music, but before that, she was a runway model. Starring in campaigns for huge designer brands, such as Balmain, Fendi, and Cynthia Rowley, Lawrence truly knows how to multitask. The 18 year old's insane work ethic inspires so many, older and younger than her, to be just as productive and successful as her.  


Social media is an extremely powerful tool and Dounia has been using it to empower women to embrace everything about themselves. Growing up between Morocco and Queens, Dounia uses her extensive cultural experiences to advocate for individuals of color and women who don't match the idealized "perfect body." Dounia's candid lyrics and tweets inspire a new generation of individuals who embrace the concept of self-love.

Lennon Stella

Lennon Stella has it all. Finding her voice on Youtube with her sister Maisy, Stella has been working tirelessly to succeed since she was an 11 year-old posting singing covers to her channel. Since then, she has released her own music, which is pop gold, and starred in the ABC hit television show Nashville. Stella's success in both industries proves that women can really do anything they put their mind to.


Exploration and acceptance are the two words that influence Raveena's otherworldly R&B tracks. She has found her own personal acceptance through natural meditation methods, such as hypnotherapy, reiki, and crystals, and exuding happiness. The Indian-American artist embraces her culture and is changing the way people think of South Asians in American media.

Teyana Taylor

Teyana Taylor is the epitome of a triple threat. She sings, she dances, she acts, and she excels at it all. Her extremely successful career all started in 2006 when she choreographed for Beyoncé. From there, she became friends with many of the biggest stars today, including Kanye and Pharrell, who helped her find her musical voice. Taylor validates that women are strong, influential, and can accomplish anything.

Kim Petras

Truly the pop princess we all asked for, Kim Petras has been pushing social boundaries since she was a teenager. The openly transgender pop star is the youngest person to ever undergo the gender confirmation surgery, and she has been an active advocate for the transgender community. She made documentaries and strived to support everyone in the LGBT+ community. She has played a vital role in normalizing being transgender and is now providing bop after bop to fulfill our wildest pop dreams.

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