's 'incentivize unpaid overtime' Is Not What You Think it Is


Despite the title, this is not an article about the business world nor our top ten ways to manifest monetary success. This is an article about an artist by the name of whose debut album  incentivize unpaid overtime is the upbeat, catchy, playful project we never knew we needed.

The album demonstrates a refreshing blend of genres, from elements of funk, house, to '80s pop. "blah blah blah" and "buttercup," which were both released as singles before the full album dropped, live in the house and funk music neighborhood, while songs like "out of control" and "hot mess" are evoke '80s synth-pop with unparalleled ease. There are also tracks like "cool dad," which is driven by a '70s funk-reminiscent loop. Altogether,  incentivize unpaid overtime is as varied as its GeoCities-evoking cover art. is not just this artist's name. It is also the embodiment of a persona that satirically embraces the archetypal capitalistic businessman circa '90s The Wolf of Wall Street. From a bio that screams rich kid industry plant, a website that looks like virus-embedded spam, to his album trailer, which is a video of him on an office on the phone for an entire minute, the persona is wonderfully ironic. See for yourself, from his bio: was born in 1995 to parents George Lucas (unrelated) and Melinda Gates (unrelated). His mother is a hedge fund manager for Lex Wexner, and his father is the current CFO for Hit Rekkids LLC, a massive record and distribution company which currently owns 8 of the 10 major radio networks, a majority stakeholder in Spotifoo, and is currently at the cutting edge of researching human genome improvements. He makes music (along with a massive team of writers and producers) mostly for fun - with a song in the Billboard Top 10 for 83 weeks straight, primarily on the back of 19-week number 1 song We Love To Work (Don't We Folks) [feat. Lil diaper baby & Former President Obama].

Though the album is a debut for, it is not a debut for the man behind the desk, Lentra. Vancouver-based artist and producer Lentra primarily makes more lo-fi/chill R&B music, frequently fusing elements of trap rap as the principal producer for bbno$, who he's currently joining on tour throughout the US and Europe.

From the catchy tunes to the amusing retro businessman persona, Lentra has us all entertained. And we are very much here for every minute of unpaid overtime.

Listen to  incentivize unpaid overtime below:

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