Charlie Powers Sings of Obsession and Insecurity in "Mouth"


2020 has been an all-time high for amazing self-produced emerging artists, and it pleases us to bring you yet another such artist. Charlie Powers, a 22-year-old alternative R&B singer-songwriter and producer out of Oceanside, CA graces us with an incredible new single, "Mouth."

"Mouth" is a synth-heavy R&B song about being head-over-heels in love albeit, with a darker twist. Powers explains, "The song is about the obsessive feeling you get when you find that special someone that you can't shut up about… the latter half of the song is about the fears and insecurities that follow."

The song is reminiscent of waves splashing along a California coast. Every hit on the distorted snare is another wave crashing against the rocks at Point Dume. The guitar evokes the calm tide around sunset, setting the right vibe with the person you're madly in love with.  

However, it's Powers' vocal range that trumps anything else in this track. The perfect pitch harmonies and his ability to climb the scales are nothing if not astonishing. In more way than one, it is evocative of the way Charlie Puth is able to hit every note without hesitation.

"Mouth" is absolutely the type of song you slyly turn on when you're watching the sunset on the horizon, letting the effortless groove carry you away. From the flawless production to the affectionate lyrics, "Mouth" is easily the best track Powers has released to date.

Listen to  "Mouth" below:

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