Meet Chenayder, the Breakout High School Artist Crafting an Indie Pop Dream in 'Blue Oblivion'

At only 16, bedroom pop newcomer Chenayder is making a name for herself, dazzling open hearts and heads in clouds with her new EP, Blue Oblivion

A mix of lofi and indie pop, Chenayder’s music is a lullaby for the tired soul. Her innocence is her asset, and there’s a lightness you feel every time you take a sip. With a wondrous sound that’s deeply nostalgic and immersive, you find yourself returning to a younger you, eager to be free, hopeful, and regrettably naive. 

High school student by day, musician with millions of streams and hungry following by night, Chenayder is living a realized dream while making sure to let herself grow up. Even if she’s making TikToks during her bathroom breaks, those very TikToks are going viral, with her 2022 hit “Fall” earning her praise from artists like Clairo and Overpade.

Following up that initial bout of viral success, Blue Oblivion is her official introduction, and it’s an impressively polished record for someone who is just getting started. At only six songs, “Strawberry Perfume” is an immediate favorite, a love-stricken sonnet laid over piano and jersey bounce that begs to be looped. Stand out tracks “Save U” and “Out of Love” are both made up of lyrics more tragic, yet disguise themselves within Chenayder’s whimsical musicality. 

Describing her sound as “vintage and sorrowful,” there’s an essence around Chenayder’s music that feels timeless, as if it’s a nod to the ‘50s and a look into the future. With angelic melodies and instinctual songwriting, the Haitian-American songstress is producing a sound historically inspired and entirely her own. 

Listen to Blue Oblivion below:

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