Chiiild Will Have You Hopping on Their 'Synthetic Soul' Train

You know that stank face we all make when we hear music that grooves or hits us in an especially powerful way? Chiiild's debut EP, Synthetic Soul, is the sonic embodiment of that phenomenon.  

With the release of three masterful singles in 2019, including the soulful R&B tune "Count Me Out," the Montreal-based band already had us hooked. After wrapping up tour with Emotional Oranges last fall, Chiiild kicked off the new year with the release of "Hands Off Me," a soulful number with elements of psychedelic pop and an ambient, string-driven outro that will have your mind drifting as the strings move further and further away from your ears. At the tail end of February, the full EP was released on Avant Garden, a label that works with Emotional Oranges, THEY., and slenderbodies.

Synthetic Soul is more than just the band's EP title. It is also the phrase Chiiild has coined to define their sound. Although their influences range from Moby to Biggie to Brandy, Chiiild has unlocked a delicate balance of smooth retro soul, psychedelia, and modern R&B. It is an entrancing "mix of old and new," as they describe it to Wonderland Magazine.

While still crafting their synthetic soul sound, Chiiild lent their production skills to other artists, from Usher and Diplo, to working with Jack àœ on their 2015 Grammy award-winning album.

Whether you are the calm and collected music consumer or one who champions your favorite artists loud and proud, Chiiild will have you hopping on board their synthetic soul train. And we are here for the ride.  

Listen to Synthetic Soul  below:

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