Chloe Kae's "Misconception" Is a Gripping Case of Nostalgia


Chloe Kae, who makes up one half of acclaimed soul-tronic duo Kllo, decided to make a change. She's embarking on her very first solo journey, releasing a double a-side, featuring two tracks titled "Misconception"/ "Recluse."  

Kae's new indie-soul venture is giving her the opportunity to experiment and work with a range of artists, including Machinedrum who produced her debut single, "Misconception."  Now, Kae's debuted her first video for the project, and it's understated melancholy meets wistful enlightenment, visualized.  

For the eyes, "Misconception" is a moving scrapbook of photos from Kae's past and present. It creates a juxtaposition between mystified sentiment and pleading nostalgia. Machinedrum's touch on production is light, making it a gentle foundation for Kae's voice to rise and float over. Kae sings of sacrifices made and lost thoughts as she tries to close the chapter on the end of a relationship.

You can almost hear the way the night echoes throughout "Misconception," as Kae composed it during endless evenings leading into bright mornings while she stayed in LA. Kae recalls it as a time well-spent, trying to understand herself and build her own voice, "I had no one to lean on over there," she recalls, "and I wanted to prove to myself I can be independent with music."  

Watch the "Misconception" video below:

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