Conan Gray Describes Himself With Vines and Shares His Crazy College Story | Quick 6

Conan Gray  left 2018 at one of the year's biggest breakout stars, only to enter 2019 even stronger. From releasing his phenomenal debut EP Sunset Season to making his late-night television debut, the rapid growth of Gray as an artist has never failed to capture our or his constantly-growing fans' hearts. With his inevitable world takeover just on the horizon, we had the chance to sit down with the new king of bedroom pop in our latest Quick 6 interview. From his perfect first date to what vines he would use to describe himself, here is a thing or six you did not know about Gray.

From the small town of Georgetown, Texas, Gray has emerged as a brilliant new voice in the world of atmospheric, empathic pop. First releasing his debut single less than a year ago, Gray's rapid rise may come as a surprise to many, but that is not the case for his legion of avid fans who have been following the pop wunderkind's exponential growth over the years.  

Since first chronicling his day-to-day musings and aspirations for a life in music on YouTube, Gray's foray into the music world has been a long time coming for those who, in every sense of the word, grew up with the now pop phenom. And now those shared dreams of pop stardom finally seem on the verge of becoming reality.

Still need more Conan Gray in your life? Same. So, be sure to check out the rising bedroom pop artist's All Eyes On performance of "Generation Why" below.  

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