Cuco's 'Pendant' Is a Psychedelic Dedication to His Late Grandfather

Proclaiming it to be the best song he’s made yet, Cuco’s latest single “Pendant” touches the unspoken, delivering a groovy piano ballad that reminisces on old hellos while saying its final goodbye.

Mexican-American musician Cuco’s reputation is fortified, which brings forth the challenge: what do you create when it’s assumed it’ll be gold no matter what? Are there rocks still left unturned, crevices of heartbreak left unpronounced?

Singing over what feels to be an entire symphony, Cuco delivers his most personal work yet. Produced alongside Johan Lenox, there’s a psychedelic element to this track, encompassing a true trip to the ethers. 

We tend to cower from our fear of death, avoiding the pain of its confrontation by engorging ourselves with feigned immortality. We assume we’ll never have to say goodbye, then are jolted with the sobering realization once it’s too late and we only have our own hand to hold. 

“I started to write pendant while my grandpa was still alive and after his passing, I felt like I had to finish the song for him," shares Cuco. "I feel like it holds relevance to any guiding figure in your life.”

“Time has disappeared but all your love still feels the same.” “Pendant” is an ode to the time traveler who is still here yet on their way out. With an essence of young Elton John, Cuco works to pry out the gratitude of the life lived together and the pain of knowing the credits are beginning to roll.

“Pendant” is a song much bigger than its washed-out synths. It’s a warm blanket draped over any soul that’s felt abandoned by loss, left alone to process an emotion we’ve never been taught how to feel. 

Closing with “Fly high, my friеnd / I'll see you again / I’ll find my way / I’ll be okay,” there’s hope to be found in the truth that through embodied art, memories reminisced, and a soul reunion beyond the veil, our goodbyes are truly only see you laters. Cuco has immortalized his grandfather on “Pendant,” and built a warm fire for anyone victimized by time.

Listen to "Pendant" below:

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