Dean Lewis Recounts the Feeling of Sudden Heartbreak in "7 Minutes"


Following his massive hit "Be Alright," Australian singer-songwriter Dean Lewis depicts the shock of immediate heartbreak in his latest single "7 Minutes." With over a billion streams worldwide, Lewis' brutally honest lyrics about his negative experiences in relationships has genuinely resonated with listeners. Already gracing the Best of the Week playlist on Apple Music and the Hot Hits Australia playlist on Spotify, "7 Minutes" is filling many with a sense of heartache within its first hours in the world.

Initially, everything Lewis views reminds him of his lost love. The bitter surprise of losing the "girl of [his] dreams" lingers in the back of his mind as he drives around town recounting the memories they shared. After sitting with the prospect of a life without his love, wondering what went wrong, Lewis rationalizes that it was due to his failure to love her. He deeply regrets his actions, but doesn't know how to fix the already damaged relationship.

Contrary to the bleak message Lewis shares, the tune itself is astonishingly upbeat. "7 Minutes" has a catchy chorus that will be extremely entertaining to witness live, with the crowd singing back to him. Lewis will be making his first television performance of "7 Minutes" on The Ellen Degeneres Show on Jan. 23.

Be sure to be part of the action and catch Lewis performing "7 Minutes" and many more heart-wrenching tunes live on his first headline North American tour kicking off on February 12 in Los Angeles. Dates and locations can be found down below:

Experience Lewis' heartbreak and regret in "7 Minutes" down below:

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