Deaton Chris Anthony,  Clairo, and Coco & Clair Clair Take a VHS-Era Joyride in "RACECAR" Video


Sometimes the best things in life are the products of our worst days. Clichés aside, a few months ago, Claire Cottrill, more popularly as known as Clairo  and  the viral sensation behind "Pretty Girl," flew into California ready to record an album. However, upon arrival, her joints caused such bad chronic pain that it made it impossible to construct anything with any hint of positivity. After sitting an awful battle with arthritis was that damaged her self-esteem, Clairo needed some help from a friend.

Both emotionally and physically, Cottrill found solace in friend and collaborator, Los Angeles - based producer Deaton Chris Anthony. She described in an Instagram post, "using his arm as leverage" to simply get through the door. Along with the literal assistance, Anthony suggested rather than sulking in the abysmal pain, Clairo should write a rap song about everything she was not feeling - cars, money, and obvert confidence.

The outcome of all of these thrashing emotions resulted in the single, "RACECAR," an uplifting, bouncy, and easygoing track. Clairo flexes a surprising ability to rap and adlib with the best of them. The production is full of vibrating synths undulating throughout the track and very strong 808's thrown, both of which never fail to hit their mark.  

With some help from Coco & Clair Clair, the track takes a chaotic turn at the midway point and becomes a dream-like clash of events. The beat transitions for a brief interlude of razor-like 808's, which is soon followed up by Clairo's beautifully reverb drowned vocals.  

Along with the song, Anthony and Clairo released visuals that perfectly capture the very essence of the track. Through the lens of what could very easily be your dad's Handycam, we watch Anthony, Clairo, Coco & Clair Clair drive through the streets with a sense of carefree bliss. The video is everything Clairo described the track to be - confident, fun, and full of subtle flexing.

The visual as a whole is what could best be described as a sort of personality picture. It will make you want to stop what you're doing and go make a song for the sole purpose of filming a music video in your car with friends. Along with the hectic and expressive moments caught on film, the colors of the video are gorgeously displayed. With Clairo donning blue eyebrows, red hair, and vibrant clothing, every item jumps off the screen.

The whole roll-out of the single is just another part of what makes Clairo so special as an artist. Her ability to take what was a low point, find a confidant in Anthony, and turn it all into an anthem of confidence is commendable. With a track and the visuals to match, Clairo has followed up the critical praise of Immunity with a heart-racing joyride.

Watch the video for  "RACECAR" below:  

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