Dermot Kennedy Pens a Letter to Those in Search of "Better Days"


Photo: Paul Gore

In days overwhelmed with uncertainty and isolation, Dermot Kennedy's "Better Days" is a personal letter to those who need heartfelt encouragement. Despite the open-ended language in this single, Kennedy's ability to find intimacy resonates with his growing audience. With a graceful balance of perseverance and contentment, Kennedy's raspy voice articulates a striking story from a hopeful heart.

Caught in the middle of consolation and inspiration, Kennedy threads the needle to pinpoint a sense of community and togetherness on "Better Days." As an artist, Kennedy amplifies the traditional Irish sound by combining a choir and backing instrumentation with his pop-influenced writing.  

Kennedy proves his kindred mindset and acknowledges his subject's struggles, singing, "Better days are comin’, if no one told you / I hate to hear you cryin’, over the phone, dear / For seven years runnin’, you’ve been a soldier." He then moves purposefully to reassurance in the chorus, "I know you’ve been hurtin’ / Waitin’ on a train that just won’t come / The rain, it ain’t permanent / And soon we’ll be dancin’ in the sun / We’ll be dancin’ in the sun / And we’ll sing your song togеther."

Kennedy's talent to harmonize fortitude with comfort gives off a sense of tough, but unconditional, love. This single was released alongside a music video, in which Kennedy is covered in overflowing water while giving an unwavering and intentional performance. Regarding the release, he shared in a statement, "This song and this video are about perseverance and pushing through life's troubles, knowing that something better is always waiting for us on the other side."

With "Better Days," Kennedy expresses a sentiment that the world has been aspiring to hear and believe. He knows the world has been hurting and he anticipates better days for all of us.

Listen to  "Better Days" below:

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