DJDS and Dijon Find That "Magic Loop" in a Moment of Collaborative Joy


Los Angeles - based producing duo and artists DJDS are no strangers to soul-stirring collaborations that are perfectly capable of whirling up a fervor in your heart and on the dance floor. From scoring the prelude to Lady Gaga's Las Vegas residency show enigma, working with Kanye West on The Life of Pablo, to enlisting up-and-coming folk-R&B artist Dijon for what is bound to be yet another career-defining collaboration, DJDS is at their best when experimenting alongside unconventional artists.

"Magic Loop," the new collaboration from DJDS and Dijon, follows Dijon's debut EP Sci Fi 1, which we praised as a 21st-century R&B-folk masterpiece akin to an otherworldly road trip. Dijon's gift for arresting yet soft-spoken lyricism illustrated in his lauded debut comes through in full force atop a moment of vibrant production courtesy of DJDS. This is a song made for the warming summer months, playing out and brimming with a serene sense of hope, joy, and the possibility of love.

Built around a "do-do-do-do-do-do-do" pattern (yes, what we must assume is the infamous magic loop in question), DJDS and Dijon score a hopeful plea for love. "Could I be the one that's on your mind?/ The one that's on your mind/ 'Cause I'm tied up when I think of you," the R&B-folk mastermind admits in a series of self-confessional outward questioning. The fusion of Dijon's vocals, which always feel like they are hinting at a greater story than the confines of any three-minute musical offering will allow, intermixed with DJDS' noted producing acumen, creates a track that is indeed pure magic.

Listen to "Magic Loop" below:

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