Easy Life and Arlo Parks'  "Sangria" Is Intoxicating


Easy Life brought the bold red wine while Arlo Parks brought the fresh fruit to their new single "Sangria." Oh, and we brought the tissues because we're grooving and crying at the same time. The nu hip-hip and brit soul artists just linked up for a tune so pretty it could be on the cover of a magazine.  

Not soft-spoken, but spoken softly, there's an air of gentleness to Easy Life's lead singer Murray Matravers delivery. It's never forced and is semi-poetic. The guitar work sounds gooey, as if lead guitarist, Lewis Berry, is playing with sticky fingers coated in molasses. Overall, "Sangria" stays sweet, true to form for the UK band. Leaning into the bluesiest parts of R&B, Easy Life uses a sophisticated bassline to propel the song. Bassist Sam Hewitt is omnipresent, acting as a yellow brick road to guide Matravers and Parks to the soulful side of Emerald City. It's all in an effort to set a foundation and mood for both the vocal performance and slow-motion percussion.  

Parks is such a perfect addition to this track. Every syllable that floats from her voice leaves our ears tingling. It's remarkably flattering due to the song's theme. We've caught Matravers and Parks are in the midst of bitterly missing someone. The impact of that longing can be overwhelming, Matravers says,  

"Even though sometimes the triggers that remind you of someone aren’t always healthy, these are often still the most potent and desirable. It’s a love song in its rawest form yet contains undertones of something slightly sinister. Arlo is able to express this delicate paradox with me and she is the only person I can imagine sharing this sentiment with so perfectly."  

Watch the pastel-colored video for  "Sangria" below, and be sure to keep an eye out for Easy Life's forthcoming Junk Food  mixtape, set to release January 17, 2020:  

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