easy life and Kevin Abstract Dream Up a Better World in “Dear Miss Holloway”

Photo: Jack Bridgland

They love me, they love me not, they love me, they love me not. Or is there a reality, somewhere between our own and the unknown, where each pluck of the petal, each instance of unrequited love gives us everything we ever wanted and more? For easy life and Kevin Abstract, this perfect imagined reality comes to life in “Dear Miss Holloway.”

“Dear Miss Holloway” is a listless West Coast summer ode to constructing your own reality. “Kevin raps about expectations versus reality, choice, and regret. Thematically, ‘DEAR MISS HOLLOWAY’ opened up this whole world, and the desire for us as a band to create a world that was better than the one we inhabited at the time,” shares easy life’s Murray Matravers.

Conveyed through effortlessly easygoing instrumentation and Murray’s idyllic vocal timbre that blurs the line between puppy dog love and endearingly wistful, there is an infectious bittersweet air to the entire affair. And with the addition of Abstract’s aforementioned verse, “I used to think I’d move to Hollywood and end up with a Meagan Good / Before they called me slurs saying worlds only Ellen would use,” sun-drenched romanticism clashes directly head-on with reality. All this and more play out in the accompanying William Child film, a claymation, Wes Anderson-evoking treat for the feels.

Preceded by “Beeswax,” the new single arrives alongside news of easy life’s forthcoming sophomore album, Maybe In Another Life…, set to release August 12. A follow-up to the band’s lauded debut album, life’s a beach, the upcoming album is set to take the hedonistic ideals presented on their debut to their grand realization. That there is an unrestrained joy to be found in the journey of it all. That the destination is only an infinitesimally small part of the equation — all we have to do is open ourselves up to the worlds of our own creation.  

Watch the "Dear Miss Holloway" video below:

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