Emotional Oranges, The Enigmatic Collective, Is Ripening Right Before Our Eyes [NEW ARTIST DISCOVERY]


Capturing the attention of over 12 million listeners is no easy feat, especially for a group shrouded in anonymity. Operating from a haze of orange mystic, the Los Angeles-based collective, Emotional Oranges is winning over listeners with a groove-laced blend of pop and R&B. The purposeful mystery behind the group's members only fuels the expedited ripening that is their career.

Emotional Oranges seemingly came out of nowhere. Their first offering to the world, "Motion," is comprised of heavy elements of disco and an unrelenting bass-line that progresses it forward. Released in early May of 2018, the futuristic reimagining offered a glimpse into the mysterious group's ability to create something refreshing and unique. The single became an instant hit, securing a spot as the theme to last year's season of RuPaul's Drag Race. The group's accompanying visual for the hit would be released at the end of May, delivering a video that appeared to be unearthed from decades past.

A few months later the collective shared "Personal," a dark-tinted love ballad that finds its roots in acidic bass-driven R&B. The grittier single showcased a new facet of the group's ability, furthering our obsession over the unknown collective who, with this release, quickly proved to be much more than a one-hit-wonder. Emotional Oranges released the song's visual a month later to much acclaim generating over one million views. Then, unexpectedly they went quiet.

As quickly as they came, Emotional Oranges would let months pass and a new year be ushered in before they would reemerge with new music. By this time, the faceless collective generated a cult-like following on social media with fans assured in the group's longevity and future as a dominant force in R&B. Needless to say, the collective quickly became the people's champion, accumulating fans with ease based solely on the quality of their music.

Emotional Oranges shared their third single, "Hold You Back," in mid-January. The 808-drum-driven lead single is a tug-of-war over the heart of the song's subject. Accompanied by a subtle electronic guitar and sharp violins, the group's third single marked another sonic achievement and precursor to new visual content. By this point, it was becoming harder and harder to keep Emotional Oranges' fantastic musical showcasing a secret.

The enigmatic collective shared the first episode of their new series, Spotted, shortly after the release of their third single. The behind-the-scenes video series allowed fans to peek into the creative process the collective goes through when recording. The first episode teased viewers with near shots of the group's faces, ultimately withholding their identity while opening the doors into the making of "Hold You Back."

Continuing to amass fans, Emotional Oranges would satiate the thirst of their ever-growing fanbase, now deemed "the citrus squad," with their third single, "Corners of My Mind." Until this point, the collective's music reflected a focus on stirring hips not hearts. Their third single made sure to focus on the latter, tapping into the painful subject matter of heartbreak and emotional progression. Those previously unconvinced of the group's ability were promptly proved wrong.

Emotional Oranges' latest offering, "Built That Way" is an R&B slow jam reminiscent of the '90s. Melodic vocals from both singers over a steady break-beat and guitar create a dream-like atmosphere. Their fourth release marks the last offering from the group until their impending full-length debut project, The Juice Vol. 1, set to release May 10. It appears we have squeezed all we can from the mysterious collective who have taken the music world by storm.

Emotional Oranges has created an identity shrouded in the unknown, allowing their music to speak for them. Rather than indulging in a flamboyant rollout, the citrus-draped mavens rely on the quality of their product rather than the antics or viral-ability of their personas. A group whose main focus is the music and not the artists involved speaks to a maturity and shared ideology among the collective that history has shown to favor. It would be a shame not to pick this ripe and juicy new group from the tree and indulge in its refreshing creativity.

Emotional Oranges is currently preparing for a headlining tour through the U.S. and Europe. Check out the schedule below.

5/20      Toronto, ON @ Mod Club
5/21      New York, NY @ Rough Trade
5/23      San Francisco, CA @ Great American Music Hall
5/24      Los Angeles, CA @ The Roxy
6/03      Paris, FR @ Point FMR
6/04      Amsterdam, NE @ Paradiso Noord
6/06      London, UK @ XOYO

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