FIG Is "Seeking For Connection" With New Single [Q&A]

Back with the first single since her debut album, FIG is “Seeking For Connection.” 

The Malaysian-born, NYC-based artist charms listeners with an immediately personable tone, writing indie-pop earworms with an edge of R&B arrangement. Her single, “Seeking For Connection” is catchy as ever, with the production building organically with an industrial beat and synths that layer in cinematically. It’s accompanied by an artful music video, featuring a symbolic game of telephone and retro mixed-media components. 

We got the chance to sit down with FIG and talk all things tour, “Seeking For Connection,” and freezing in Chicago. 

Ones To Watch: You just released a song today, tell us about it!

FIG: Yes! It’s called “Seeking For Connection” and it’s about me breaking down in K-town… I walked really sadly home haha. It’s basically me dealing with not being able to find genuine connections—especially in a big city—and doubting a friendship… I’m still really cool with them but [the song] is me processing this relationship. 

The music video is dope, too; it kind of looks like pictures taped to a wall but also stop motion. What’s the inspiration? 

So I was inspired by, you know telephone, with the cups, as a kid? I was inspired by that, where it’s a friend who’s long distance, so I would be talking to them and couldn’t see them. I wanted to find who that person was on the other side, so I follow this really, really long string, but then at the end of the video, no one was there and I was kinda just imagining things. So I cut off this connection. 

And what you said about the paper, we did a mixed media so someone printed every single frame and like took a photo and edited it. It took them so many hours but it looked more tactile, it felt more vintage, and also scrapbook, DIY which I really like. We shot in in Chicago. It was so windy and so cold. It didn’t look like it in the video, but I was freezing to death. Worth it though!


So you’re about to head out on tour with Sarah Kinsley, how are we feeling?

I’m super excited! I’ve never been to Toronto or Montreal, so it’s a lot of new places. I’ve also been a fan of Sarah for a long time, so it’s going to be a blast. And between her band’s girls and my band’s girls, it’s gonna be a kick-ass, female show. 

I love some abstract female rage, you both definitely embody that. 

I feel like we’re just going to be twirling every night, and just having a good time. 

Final, burning question: who are your Ones To Watch? 

Right now my favorite new artist is “greek,” they’re touring with Weston Estate this summer. I found them just on Spotify and I’ve been obsessed with their music and music videos. They give me a little bit of Dijon vibes, but a bit faster. They’re super sick. Definitely one to watch. 

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