From SoundCloud to Rolling Loud, $NOT is Solidifying His Place in Hip-Hop's Next Wave

Photo:  Nathaniel Copes

From high-profile headliners to rising stars, Rolling Loud has been notorious for catering to the average, and not so average, likes of hip-hop fanatics across the country. In addition to the impressive sets from industry leaders and even a "Futsal Shuffle 2020″ tutorial from Lil Uzi Vert himself, this past weekend saw the Los Angeles festival generating serious buzz over industry newcomers who are solidifying their place as hip-hop's next generation. Of them, South Florida's underground sensation $NOT made his big stage debut.

A SoundCloud connoisseur in his own right, $NOT has spent the past two years making undeniable waves in the underground trap scene. Captivated by his witty bars and extremely infectious hooks, the 21-year-old rapper has successfully garnered a loyal fanbase that revels in his lowfi, emo sound. With only a microphone in his room and an Instagram page, $NOT's success began with the release of his bubble-trap single "WAVY ASF," which established his heavy South Florida fanbase and propelled his unique sound across social media platforms nationwide.  

Motivated by the cult following that had developed in front of his eyes, $NOT has since relentlessly released SoundCloud gems and breakout hits that have caught the attention of audiences outside of his native Florida. Of these, the radically dark and experimental sound of his 2018 break-out single "GOSHA" has put him on the map for trap enthusiasts everywhere and ultimately landed him a spot on LA's Rolling Loud stage.

With dedicated fans and a natural talent for making killer music, it's safe to say that $NOT will be on everyone's radar in the coming year. Since his set at Rolling Loud, people across the board have been booming with accolades about his importance, and we agree. While South Florida locals have witnessed his claim to fame from the beginning, it is now time for the world to be formally introduced.

Keep an eye out for new music in 2020 and be sure to snag tickets to $NOT's debut North American tour, which kicks off February 6 with co-headliner Jasiah.

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