garii's EP "twist my arm" Is a Candid and Captivating Debut

Notes of Americana-gothic nostalgia decorate garii's debut EP twist my arm – and it's not one to miss. twist my arm heals even while it unpacks stories of generational trauma, lost love, and self-discovery. Woven from lush threads of folk and indie rock influences, garii’s story is just beginning. 

The EP opens with “generations,” a stunning overture of sorts that nods to the themes of twist my arm as garii sings: “I feel predestined to all of my problems, but bottles and gospels have yet to solve them…”

Sheer layers of synths and vocals lead us directly into “get it right,” where roaming percussion picks up the pace. This song is the grief and the growth of being alive all at once; it looks the predictions of “generations” in the eye and marches past them. Sweeping pedal steel dances around garii’s voice, matching her compelling intonation. 

“bullseye” is a star single of the EP, building an alternative dreamscape around a guttural guitar and pointed vocals. There’s a particularly lush brightness to the vocal tone that’s signature to garii’s sound, somehow both hopeful and laden in heartache. Cavernous drums and an electric bass echo this from-the-chest sound, and the lyrics tell a tale of paralyzing perfectionism. 

A plucked acoustic guitar introduces “semantics,” a song infused with the softest sting of spite. garii explores the downfall of a past love, settling a rolling drum beat into the current of guitar and experimental synth phasing. 

twist my arm’s final track, “death deposit,” is my personal favorite. garii mourns lyrically, but adorns the arrangement with all the gutting glimmers of the love that remains for the song’s subject. The melody climbs over velvety guitar layers, and there’s a moment of chaos before a determined outro. In this last section, garii adopts an edge of distortion, gifting listeners an enlightening outro that references the EP’s title: “Is it too hard to love me dear? ‘Cause if I’m being real sincere / I’d break my back to keep you near, wouldn’t have to twist my arm…" "death deposit" is accompanied by a dreamy live video, showcasing garii's Midwest-gothic aesthetic: 

twist my arm is a captivating debut – LA listeners: stay tuned for an upcoming release show where garii will be celebrating this stirring collection of songs. 

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