glaive Kicks Off the Next Era of His Life With the Electrifying "minnesota is a place that exists"

Rising superstar glaive has just unveiled his latest song, "minnesota is a place that exists," and it is everything! The short yet instantly addicting track serves as the lead single of glaive's debut album, injecting fans with a jolt of emotions with its dynamic instrumentation and dark, gloomy lyrics.

In the long-awaited single, glaive deals with topics such as cigarette consumption and the love problems in his life. glaive expresses a growing resentment towards a partner who isn't emotionally there for him, sharing, "I  fucking hate it when you / Tell me I'm upset when I'm just getting shit off my chest." He begins to despise her, contemplating killing her, and telling her family that she "went to fucking Minnesota."

"This was the second song I made for the glaive album," he explains. "Making 'minnesota' was a weight off my shoulders because I realized that I was still good at music. It's the perfect song for the next phase of my career and life."

The accompanying music video, directed by Ramez Silyan, is a stunning yet short production with cinematography reminiscent of a precocious yet dark indie film. Our protagonist, played by glaive, meets his love interest on the road while he's biking to school. They soon connect and spend time smoking cigarettes, dining and dashing from diners, and shooting empty bottles with guns. However, things take a bit of a destructive turn when she shoots a cat for funsies, damages private property, and takes selfies in front of a truck they set on fire. She then cuts in and out of replayed scenes in the protagonist's memory, calling back to the lyric, "Smoking cigarettes with pretty girls inside my head," and leaving glaive wondering if she was ever real at all.

The track arrives alongside recent news of a fall North American headline tour with dates including Nashville, Portland, and Seattle, in addition to previously announced sets at Lollapalooza and Austin City Limits. The 17-year-old is currently on tour with The Kid LAROI in Europe and will play a run of headline dates in the UK next month.

Watch the "minnesota is a place that exists" video below:

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