Golden Vessel and Emerson Leif Pen an Ethereal Love Song in "HIGHWAY" [PREMIERE]


There is an all-encompassing tranquility to the hazy sonic meditations of Golden Vessel. The left-of-center Australian artist blurs the lines between whispered R&B and DIY electro-pop to increasingly beautiful effect with each new release, a fact he makes all the more apparent in his latest single, "HIGHWAY."

"HIGHWAY," the latest taste from Golden Vessel's highly-anticipated debut album SLOWSHINE, set to release in May, is an ethereal love song stringed together from hushed lulls and electronic coos. Once again joining forces with longtime collaborator Emerson Leif, the unorthodox duo piece together a sleepily-sung love letter with mesmerizing electronic threads. Leif spoke on the lyrics of "HIGHWAY," which flow forth like loosely strung together poetry, sharing,

"The lyrics for 'HIGHWAY' went straight from the heart into the microphone. When I woke up that morning my beautiful wife had been joking around hiding under the covers and saying that she might sleep in all day and I could wake her up when I got home. Sometimes those seemingly insignificant moments end up being the most magical things we share with people. That sentiment was no doubt echoing in my head on the drive to Max's [Golden Vessel] studio and its intimacy made its way into the song in a beautifully genuine way. Sometimes these magical moments happen when you are comfortable and not overthinking your environment or who you are with. It is a great gift being able to create something beautiful and honest with a friend."

The new single also arrives with an accompanying music video that captures the profound intimacy of Golden Vessel and Emerson Leif's electronic-fueled meditations. The DIY Australian artist spoke on making the music video for "HIGHWAY," sharing,

"This is the second of three videos that I filmed in Japan with my friend Matt. We wanted to do a one-take shot in the back of a Tokyo taxi to match the sleepiness of the song. We actually spent over an hour trying to find a taxi that would let us and finally a guy agreed to drive us."

Watch the Lost In Translation-reminiscent video for  "HIGHWAY" below before the song is available everywhere tomorrow:

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