grandson on Political Apathy, Woodstock 50, and His Cat Andy

In the wake of Georgia's abortion ban and the never-ending deluge of headlines that bring with them a similar sense of existential dread, it feels like we have never needed an artist like grandson more.  Equal parts exhilarating mix of punk rock and electronic sonics, political and social activist, and admitted cat guy, grandson is leading a movement greater than his larger-than-life music. In our latest "Quick 6″ interview, we had the chance to sit down with grandson to talk about everything from the movement he hopes to spark with his music and community engagement efforts to his precious cat, Andy.

The first time we formally spoke with grandson was less than a year ago. Opening up about his politically-fueled debut EP, a modern tragedy vol. 1, and his thoughts on the 2016 presidential election that was still fresh in all our minds, grandson set himself apart as a distinctive voice in the alternative music landscape.  

Less than a year later, and grandson has grown into an artist who racks up streams in the hundreds of millions and still finds the time to head The XX Resistance, an organization that seeks to empower youth, connect passionate people, and enact change on a community level. With artists like grandson at the helm, the future of music feels like it is in safe hands.

For more from grandson, revisit our All Eyes On interview and performance with the larger-than-life alternative rocker below.

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