Indie Duo HOAX Celebrates the Simplicity of Being with Infectious "Could"


Self-described as an empathy pop band, HOAX is the ultimate master of crafting orgasmic soundscapes with delectable drizzles of indie rock that will have you wondering if you've ever heard anything so righteous. Comprised of Michael Raj and Frantz Cesar, HOAX has timelessly vintage influences of 60s pop, 70s Motown, and alternative R&B that all contribute to the indie duo's pleasing sound paired with emotive lyricism. HOAX is ready to take the indie world by storm as they gear up for the highly-anticipated release of their forthcoming record, b?

As the first single off of b?, "Could" features HOAX's signature electric guitars and thrilling percussion that we already adore in their existing discography. Raj's ear wormy vocals are as seductive as ever, and Cesar's thrashing bass lines are absolutely captivating. Honing in on the essence of being, "Could" sees HOAX taking the first step in their analysis of the human race's concept of simply existing, which we'll see more of in b?

On "Could," HOAX reflected,

"'Could' is the first snapshot of many narratives told in the forms of songs on the album that opens up a begrudging conversation everyone must eventually come to have with oneself. Questions that highlight the essence of BEING - which if not asked in a timely matter, might result in years and years passing by - until you finally look backwards through a telescope of regret."

Bask in the phenomenal stylings of HOAX below:

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