Indie Duo HOAX Sheds Light on the Looked Over "Unamerican Dream" of Struggling Immigrants


Although many attribute the Statue of Liberty and Central Park to New York's cultural relevance, we here at Ones To Watch have a special place in our hearts for Queens' rising alt-pop duo, HOAX. Comprised of Michael Raj and Frantz Cesar, HOAX describes their modern vintage sound as "empathy pop" and crafts music that explores the human condition, social constructs, and important life decisions. Ahead of their forthcoming album, b?, HOAX is shedding light on the looked over "Unamerican Dream" of immigrants and the issues they face daily.

Whereas their previous, "Could," mainly focuses on the concept of being, "Unamerican Dream" shares a touching narrative surrounding an immigrant father who once fell under the spell of envisioning a modest house with a white picket fence. Once he realizes that this is just a daydream, the father finally understands the precious moments he missed out on for the sake of achieving the unrealistic American Dream.

Both talented members of HOAX are first-generation Americans so they reflected on their parents' life experiences through storytelling and photographs that partially inspired the guitar-driven "Unamerican Dream." HOAX has shared that they will be donating 50% of royalties from this inspiring track to KIND (Kids In Need of Defense), an organization that seeks to legally protect immigrant children who entered the United States unaccompanied.

On "Unamerican Dream," HOAX shared,

"A stipulant of this so-called 'American Dream' that our parents sought after is the supposed eventuality of getting what you want if you simply work hard enough, but what lies in the subcontext is everything you must be willing to give up. Every hour at the office is an hour away from your family and loved ones; if you are working a tedious or mindless job that you are not passionate about for the sake of money, that is taking time away from finding fulfillment in something you might actually care for. The 'American Dream' sounds wholesome and inspiring, but with the current social and political climate of our country, it almost feels more like a cruel joke than the inspiring ideal it was initially created to be."

Reevaluate your life with HOAX's "Unamerican Dream" below:

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