Isaac Dunbar Reinvents Himself on "Bleach"

Photo:  Yulissa Benitez

When thinking about the next generation's musical visionaries, Isaac Dunbar readily springs to mind. While most artists resorted to canceling tours and postponing events in the last year-and-a-half, Dunbar's listenership skyrocketed during the pandemic. The singer-songwriter and producer's latest single "Bleach" marks a new era for the Massachusetts-born artist. While his past releases, such as "fan behavior" and "onion boy," showcased the more eccentric and innovative production side of his music, "Bleach" offers a new perspective to his sonic growth, drawing attention to Dunbar's wide vocal ability and range.

Dunbar's self-written and self-produced track showcases the range of musical talent that the 18-year-old has to offer. The track's verses explore the depth of his vocals, which is contrasted by the experimental bridge that illustrates his ability to use production to elevate his art. To pair with his vocals and production, Dunbar's lyrics are equally as explosive and biting. He sings, "I left my lover / I'm a classic sign of self sabotage / a monster dressed in your mirage / once I said I loved you / I ran away."  

Leaning into themes of teenage rebellion, Dunbar is able to connect with his listeners while finding the space to reinvent himself.  "'Bleach' feels as though it's my first single. I've taken a lot of time to hibernate and cultivate my sound these past couple of months, now I'm finally ready to let everyone into my world," shares Dunbar.

Pioneering a new genre that draws inspiration from polarized genres such as Broadway and EDM, Dunbar explores new territory on Bleach." His single is a pop explosion that is so convincing that it might spur forth the spontaneous desire to bleach your hair.  

Listen to  "Bleach" below:

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