Jarryd James Makes a Bold Comeback With  "Slow Motion"


Jarryd James is making a valiant return to his music career with his new single "Slow Motion." In 2015, the Australian singer-songwriter released his debut single, "Do You Remember," which received a lot of traction. His last EP, High, dropped in 2016 but James had not released any new music since–until now. A week before the premiere of this single, the artist unexpectedly announced the soulful track on social media.

"Slow Motion" is a dynamic alternative R&B track with personal lyrics. Listeners can hear the balance of determination and pain in every drumbeat and synth.   The song focuses on the singer's persistence to make his relationship work regardless of the distance. James  commented on his intimate yet conversational lyrics,

"It's a song about being away from my wife and always being in a different time zone. It might be nighttime where I am, and it's daytime where she is. The whole situation takes a toll on you when you travel as much as I do. The song just fell out of me as a natural discussion of how I felt."

Although it's been a quick minute since James'  last release, "Slow Motion" has the same type of compelling beats and lyrics as his past singles and EPs. This single is just the beginning of Jarryd James' comeback, and it is clear that he won't stop producing music any time soon. James shared that he is a musician because he wants fans to feel safe and confident when listening to his music.  

He commented,

"The world is a noisy place these days. The one thing I love about music is you can shut everything out to it, feel confident, and be at ease."

Catch Jarryd James playing the SXSW music festival this March.

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