Jay Wile Is At His Most Dynamic on New 'Somewhere in Mind'  EP

The increasingly rising talent and notoriety of Austin, Texas-based R&B artist Jay Wile is truly something incredible to watch. With a total of three projects under his belt, his latest being the subject of this article, Jay Wile has repeatedly proved himself an artist to pay very close attention to. His latest release, a six-track EP entitled Somewhere in Mind, finds the gifted vocalist at his most dynamic.

The project begins with its sentimental opener, "Who's Lovin U?" Opened by a building kick drum and a glittery guitar, the projects introductory record is a love astute declaration of longing and remembrance. The track's soft backdrop is brought to life by Wile's image-invoking lyricism and tone. Jay Wile's grandiose entrance into the EP is bold, highlighting the powerful subject matter and equally impressive musicality of the rising artist.  

Listeners are greeted by a lighthearted piano-led melody on the project's second record, "Get it Back." Despite the soft nature of this records start, the production behind the cool-witted delivery of Jay Wile's rhymes builds to a significant groove-inducing pace. It's hard not to admire the duality of Wile's artistry and thoughtfulness in the two songs' placement on the EP - the first, a thoughtful love-soaked ballad, the second, a confident piano-led record with a bounce.

Jay Wile brings the lights-down-low with the acoustic style of "In Bloom." The EP's halfway mark is an emotionally powerful ballad that highlights Wile's impressive range as a singer. It's hard to not get swept up in the spellbound themes of this guitar-led record. Although brief in length, "In Bloom" packs one hell of a punch through the songs use of thematic imagery and Wile's authenticity as a vocalist - you don't just hear his voice; you feel it.    

Returning to a more upbeat dance adjacent production, Jay Wile delivers a stimulating performance on the EP's next record, "Feels Good." Buzzing with a blissful euphoria, the projects fourth record is another example of Wile's ability to deliver a variety of textures while remaining overall consistent within the constructs of the project's subject matter: love. The multidimensional viewpoints from each record and their matching energy is a towering exhibition of Wile's consistent evolution.

Following the projects contrasting sequencing, Somewhere in Mind continues forward with the live recording of Jay Wile's most epic song on the EP, "Can't Keep on Lovin' You." This heart-wrenching piano-focused orchestration is a stupefying feat of musicianship. This mournful record chronicles the reluctant end of a relationship and Jay Wile's adverse decision. The heart-tugging ballad comes to a close and is led into the instrumental finale of the EP, "Agape." In many ways, this closing record acts as a sonic embodiment of the project's theme and its continued thematic rollercoaster ride.

The release of Somewhere in Mind marks the second project from Jay Wile this year, establishing his clear fervor for creating. With each release marking another evolution in his artistry, Jay Wile has created a clear path for his continued growth and future releases that we can assume will be handled as preciously as his most recent work. With clear talent, storied direction and a seemingly boundless artistic ability, Jay Wile is going to be talked about for a very long time.

Listen to Jay Wile's new EP, Somewhere in Mind, below:

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