Jex Nwalor Continues to Prove He's Up Next With  "Don't Say"

If there is one thing people are craving in music today, it's honesty. Listeners can sniff out a fake a mile away. If you are not bringing your true authentic self in your music, then you might as well have stayed home. Jex Nwalor brings this in spades, especially with his sophomore track "Don't Say."

"My ex cheated on me at a Halloween party, so I wrote a song about it," confesses Jex in nonchalant fashion. Jex's raw emotion and honesty is likely the reason this 18-year-old from Toronto, Canada has amassed such a large following in such a short time, with over 3.2 million followers and counting. I know I'm not the only one who has noticed a wave of breakup tracks coming out recently, and one thing for certain is that it's giving us some damn good music. Just because it breaks your heart doesn't mean it's not a vibe, a notion made clear as day by "Don't Say."

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If the content alone isn't enough to sway you, the delivery will surely lure you in. Jex has a voice that is velvety smooth beyond his years, and a range that is wildly impressive. It's impossible to label him as one thing. Jex gives you a little bit of jazz, a dose of soul, a hint of R&B, and blends it all together with his own unique sound that hits you like a hot shower on a cold day. His melodies subdue you, his hooks draw you in, and before you know it, you find yourself lost in the music. And what better place is there to be?

Listen to "Don't Say" below:

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