Juto Is Creating a Glittery Hybrid of Pop and R&B Romanticism [NEW ARTIST DISCOVERY]


One of the most exciting aspects of finding a new artist is discovering their connections to other members of the industry. Juto's glittery hybrid of R&B and pop romanticism has afforded him to become the first signee to Taco's (formerly of Odd Future) Re7ax Records and sole contributor on Logic's Supermarket (soundtrack). And yet, in no way does the mystery surrounding this emerging artist detour us from basking in his euphoric style of production and lyricism.

Steadfast in lo-fi production, Juto's first offering to the world, "Apple," was released in early June of 2017. The song's spoken word style of storytelling cuts through the melody and production to talk directly to the listener. A realism in Juto's songwriting brandishes a raw relatability to his music that is backed by his courage to experiment sonically. Despite the unorthodox format, Juto's first single gave glimpses into his untapped potential.

Finding out more about Juto after the release of "Apple" proved to be difficult. An enigma on social media, Juto kept quiet for the rest of the year disappearing into the ether he had seemingly come from. This form of radio-silence left little to speculation about the pattern in which Juto would navigate the saturation in releases we have grown accustomed to seeing from artists.

Returning a year later, Juto released a four-track exhibition in the form of his EP, Text Talk. The 10-minute long showcasing draws parallels between digital expression and the matters of the heart. Tracks like "IMY" and "BTW" delve into love and longing all through the scope of text messaging culture. The clever narrative displayed throughout the EP speaks to a depth within Juto's artistry. Where the project may lack in production, it excels in concept and lyricism.

Following his enigmatic process, Juto retreated into the ether giving no hints to new music or when to expect it. The single and EP up to this point acted as the only way to characterize the mysterious artist whose skill as a musician became more apparent with each release.

His latest EP, Velvet, marks a sonic evolution for Juto. A medley of instrumentation helps bring a full-bodied feeling to the newest EP. Maturity and growth can be heard on the 22-minute showcasing that rallies behind Juto's ability as a songwriter detailing a bevy of feelings from nostalgic love on "Wayback" to self-prescribed isolation on "Homebody."

Juto does a superb job in remaining cohesive through the entirety of Velvet, while covering a noteworthy amount of ground. Capturing the nuances of love is no easy task but Juto seems to pull it off effortlessly. It's impossible to ignore the attention to detail placed on every bit of the project, from its artful subtleties to its grandiose displays. Juto breathes life into a story that vividly pulsates through his songwriting and production.

A talent such as Juto's won't remain hidden behind anonymity for long. His music doesn't need to be sold to you, it comes across organically built atop sturdy instrumentation and lyrical relatability. Despite it being the very early stages of his career, Juto makes an unforgettable impression that leaves us wanting more.  

Listen to Juto's Velvet EP below:

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