Kevin Abstract Enlists  Ryan Beatty  For the Anthemic, Bittersweet "Sierra Nights"


Photo: Lucas Creighton

It seems like every day is Thanksgiving at the Kevin Abstract household, as today the Corpus Christi singer, rapper, and multi-hyphenate returns with his newest single "Sierra Nights," featuring none other than Ryan Beatty. Though Beatty has been pretty quiet since the release of his 2020 record Dreaming of David, his return with Abstract sees the two young artists hitting the ground running.  

Sporting an infectious synthesis of electronic vocal distortion and sci-fi percussion, Kevin and Beatty effortlessly ride over the blissful ambience of "Sierra Nights," providing their fans with a banger primed for their end-of-summer rotations in the process.

Hot off the release of last month's "Slugger" with $NOT and slowthai, "Sierra Nights" sees Abstract taking a stylistic-left turn while maintaining his signature eclectic sound. Joined by Beatty, the two deliver a genre-pushing track that is almost bursting at the seams with perfectly polished and heartfelt vocals, which is pretty much the standard that their fans have come to expect. Sounding like a half-Vegyn half-Choker hybrid, Abstract's "Sierra Nights" is far more experimental than his last hip-hop-flavored single.

"Sierra Nights" reaches its fever pitch in the track's final act, where   Beatty sets the stage for Kevin to deliver a final rumination on life that borders between sentimental and bittersweet. It's expressive, it's cathartic, and it sounds like an idyllic sunset after a long day of summer roadtripping. Whether or not this track is supposed to be a sort of victory lap or a sign of things to come, "Sierra Nights" has me hyped for whatever Kevin Abstract's future holds.  

Listen to  "Sierra Nights" below:

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