Kevin Abstract, slowthai, and $NOT Pull No Punches on “Slugger”


Photo: Lucas Creighton

Could a new era of Kevin Abstract music be upon us? It certainly seems like it.

Though it's been a minute since fans were treated to Kevin Abstract's last solo release, ARIZONA BABY in 2019, this year has been pretty busy for the BROCKHAMPTON rapper. Following the release of ROADRUNNER: NEW LIGHT, NEW MACHINE earlier this year, Abstract seems to still have some surprises left for the year with the release of his newest single "Slugger." Joined by $NOT and UK rapper slowthai, Abstract returns to his signature internet-rap sound with an eclectic southern twist. 

Though guest appearances are fairly uncommon for BROCKHAMPTON and their members, "Slugger" is a strong case for the untapped potential of Abstract and his interprofessional collaborations. Abstract's infectious melodic vocal layers mesh incredibly well with $NOT's nonchalant delivery and slowthai's explosive energy. 

The mix on "Slugger" also departs from Abstract's usual wheelhouse of minimalistic compositions, as the track is decorated with catchy and experimental percussion, melancholic piano melodies, and everything in-between. Together the three rappers deliver a summertime banger that sounds like a more modern and experimental Outkast. From the track's undeniable artistic chemistry to its sheer playlist potential, "Slugger" feels like a huge step forward for everyone taking part.

Whether or not the arrival of "Slugger" is a harbinger for an upcoming solo Abstract project, one thing is for certain. This is a masterclass on delivering polished production alongside an outright vibe. Between Abstract, $NOT, and slowthai, this collaboration made in heaven seems simply incapable of missing. 

Listen to "Slugger" below: