Khamari Releases the Introspective  "Doctor, My Eyes"

Photo: Shamaal Bloodman

Khamari's music is vulnerable. The LA-based artist has a knack for making his personal introspection relatable. So while his latest single, "Doctor, My Eyes" is about his own inner thoughts, after listening to it, you'll probably have to confront some of your own and that's not a totally bad thing.

Building on the success of his 2020 debut project Eldorado, the multi-faceted Khamari has returned with his new single "Doctor, My Eyes." A Boston native, who left the Berklee School of Music early in 2017 to focus on music full time, has quite the musical skill set. As a vocalist, multi-instrumentalist, and producer, it makes sense that inspirations like Stevie Wonder, Sly Stone, The Beatles, Frank Ocean, and Kid Cudi are represented in the eclecticism of his own music.

"Doctor, My Eyes" isn't Khamari's first foray into introspection though. His project Eldorado was a window into Khamari's personal struggles in his relationships, life, and career. "Doctor, My Eyes" is a continuation of that same exposition. A line like "Most the time I feel too much so I try not to feel at all," resonates with a lot of us, especially after the past couple of years. Co-produced by Khamari, Trackside, and Johan Lenox, the song's stripped-back production and guitar loop make you feel like Khamari's telling you his life story at a campfire on a warm summer night. Speaking on the song, he shares,

"'Doctor, My Eyes’ is about looking for perspective. When I wrote it I had moved from Boston to LA and was trying to make sense of my life. A lot of things were shifting too fast to keep up with, but things I hoped would change stayed the same. I got put on to this Jackson Browne record, and the story resonated with me. That's where I got the title. It's about him being desperate to make any sense of his life and experiences. Then a friend played me Incubus, the song ‘Mexico.' I knew I wanted to lay out these thoughts over a guitar that intimate. In the outro, my grandfather is the voice that gives me advice because he's always been an anchor for me."

"Doctor, My Eyes" is an extremely honest and personal peek into the mind of Khamari and the anxious minds of millennials and Gen Z as a whole. We all have a lot going on in our own heads, but maybe we can take a page out of Khamari's book and let a little bit of it out.

Listen to "Doctor, My Eyes" below.

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