kmoe's Risk-Taking Pays Off on New Single "gloves"


Vancouver native kmoe continues to push the envelope and make music on his own terms. His single  "iced tea" remains one of the catchiest indie pop tracks of 2020. Not one to rest on his laurels,the coming year saw him quickly following it up with the equally infectious "all the time,"  "flutter," and  "2267." While each track has its own distinct sound, they each share one commonality - existing as pieces of transcendent electronic and pop crafted with a DIY spirit.  

kmoe is back once again to showcase his artistic diversity. His newest single  "gloves" is a glitchy and experimental hyperpop track that sets him apart from his contemporaries. kmoe's pitched melodic vocals and ability to make experimental music that is easily digestible result in a wildly adventurous earworm.  

kmoe has been on a hot streak and there's no sign of him slowing down.  "gloves" displays another complex side to kmoe's artistic identity - one that isn't afraid to take risks and question boundaries. "gloves" is a strong addition into kmoe's growing discography, which becomes even more impressive when you take into account that the multi-talented artist is only 16-years-old.  

Listen to  "gloves" below:

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