LAUNDRY DAY Find Their Sound on Major Label Debut 'We Switched Bodies'

LAUNDRY DAY has released an album that would perfectly soundtrack your favorite coming-of-age film. Perhaps the group has mastered the art of defining the essence of a coming-of-age narrative as the young New York collective currently finds themselves navigating themes of discovery and finding their place in the world at large. Freshly graduated from high school, the five-piece's major label debut album,  We Switched Bodies, cohesively forms a narrative arc that moves the audience through tender lyrical moments and reflective, playful, and innovative soundscapes.  

The Manhattan-bred group's refreshingly authentic perspective on love and loss offers something that is best reflected in the album's lead single "Connect 5" - an earworm navigation of the more paralyzing aspects facets of love. Reflecting on the struggle that comes with love, they sing "I wanna put my head right on your shoulders and cry for you / I will be honest and tell you the times that I lied to you." While describing emotions that are often difficult to articulate, the group is still able to maintain a youthful sound. They sing "I know that we can make this work / I pray that we can make this work," which to some might be a reflection of their young naivety, however it speaks more to their hopeful perspective on love. This intimate theme is repeated throughout the album, as the group admits that they often don't know the answers, and are they themselves discovering what love means.

Moving from the explosive experimental sounds of "Worry Bout Yourself" to the more intimate setting of "Don't Blow Yourself Up," each track on the group's multi-dimensional album showcases their ability and drive to explore newfound territory, all while maintaining their youthful and exciting aura. While staying true to their tender melodies, LAUNDRY DAY explores more mature themes, displaying a marked growth from their last release, signaling a new era for the New York group.

Listen to We Switched Bodies  below:

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