Let Sault Walk You Through A Beautifully Orchestrated Sensory Overload

Sault follows in the footsteps of creative pioneers who look past boundaries of genres and structure. While utilizing a bevy of sonic elements, the anonymous trio remains anchored in dance-invoking percussion. Their achievement in crafting something so unique is even more impressive when taking into account their limited discography. Sault has managed to capture lightning in a bottle, reconstructing sounds of generations past while remaining rhythmically stimulating.

The group's public introduction into their musical demeanor began with their first single, "We Are The Sun," released in February of 2019. The groovy arrangements of drums and guitar are unified by a defiant clap that adds an authentic shine to the record. The orchestrated combination of conscious songwriting and multi-instrumental arrangements calls the senses back to a time of psychedelia and flower power.    

A month after the release of their first single, the enigmatic group would return with their second offering, "Don't Waste My Time." The self-empowering anthem is backed by their trademark set of drums that act as the record's heartbeat. Foot-stomping production and entrancing chorus' would continue to build their funk-filled resume. The group's second single solidified not only their skills as musician's but cohesiveness as a group.

The group's final single, "Let Me Go," arrived a month later. Following their artistic MO, Sault delivered a fast-paced drum-driven production accompanied by lofty vocals. The retro style of the song's demeanor further boasted the group's previously established themes of independence and confidence. The cosmic affair is a powerful finale that gave listeners one final inkling into their post-single plans.

Sault delivered their debut album, 5, two days after releasing their third single. The 14-track, 42-minute debut is an earth-rumbling combination of sounds that capture the spirit of a multitude of eras. Utilizing heavy live-drum and guitar instrumentation, Sault walks you through a beautifully orchestrated sensory overload.

The debut opens much like a live album, sounds of shuffling and scales quickly unifying into the introductory track's pulsating opener, "Up All Night." Manipulated vocals float alongside their drum-heavy counterpart creating a stimulating sonic outing. Sault opens the album fast and loud, immediately submerging you into their genre-bending world.

With seamless progression, the album continues with bass-boogieing anthems, "Foot on Necks" and "Why Why Why Why Why." The contrasting subject matter of the two records is an impressive feat in its own right, invoking different emotions over exhilarating production. Combining dense subject matter and body-stirring orchestration seems to come easily to the mysterious new act.

The funk-laced demeanor of the aforementioned records would shift quickly with the album's next song, "Pink Sands." A combination of euphoric sonic elements builds tension, winding you up for the eventual crashing wave that is "Let Me Go." Surprisingly enough, the previously released single takes on an entirely new identity within the construct of the album. This reframing ability helps cement the group's obvious attention to detail, allowing each record to become a spectacle within itself.

The album's halfway point, "Masterpiece," is a blissed-out love affair. Comprised of angelic vocals and crisp drum patterns, Sault maintains your attention while exploring a medley of production. The seventh-track of the group's debut is followed by the motivational message of "Add a Little Bit of Sault." The 20-second pep-talk is a quick breath of fresh air before the album's reassuring anthem "Something's in the Air."

Nearing its close, Sault's album exhibition descends by building on their ability to re-package previously heard singles. "Wild Hundreds, Pt. 5" is a beaming example of this formula. Borrowed chord-progressions from the song's successor primes the senses for the previously heard anthem, "We Are The Sun." The song's sudden conclusion is now reframed by the immediate start of the proceeding interlude, "Wild Hundreds, Pt. 55." This new interlude cleverly acts as both an outro and intro for the song's closing track, "B.A.B.E."

The album's graceful end is bittersweet, leveraging one last piece of live-instrumental bliss for listeners to carry with them. It's clear that Sault caters to your rhythm, allowing the electric and magical elements of live-instrumentation to awake something previously dormant. We are left at the end of the group's debut feeling disoriented and overall lucky to have been caught up in the whirlwind that is their music. Needless to say, we will be the first in line for whatever Sault decides to do next.

Listen to Sault's debut album below:

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