Lyn Lapid Holds Nothing Back on the Jazzy "In My Mind"


Photo: Maya Classon

You may not yet know the name Lyn Lapid, but over the course of a handful of viral singles, the 18-year-old singer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist has already proven herself one to watch. Emerging as a fearless and irrefutable voice of Gen Z, Lapid's latest single, "In My Mind" quickly gained traction online ahead of any official release. Garnering over four million views and one million likes on TikTok before its release, "In My Mind" proves itself to be more than just internet hype.

From the very opening moments of "In My Mind," Lapid dispels any unfounded predilections that may arise when you hear the buzz words "viral single." Wrapped in an infectious jazz bravado, Lapid's impassioned vocals seem to hang in the air, strung aloft by an airy and unshakable beat. It's a testament to the rapidly rising artist's impressive pedigree as a classically trained musician and daring genre and rule breaker.

"I wrote 'In My Mind' about my experience growing up as the 'quiet kid.' People would always tell me how I never talked at all and how quiet I was. Well, they weren't wrong, I kept to myself all throughout school, even when I hung out with my friends. I remember when I sang for my school's talent show for the first time, one of my classmates went up to me afterwards and was like, 'You know I was surprised when you walked on stage, you hardly ever talk. I thought you were gonna suck. But you actually didn't!' ...I'm not sure how you would respond to that honestly. I also wrote about what runs through my mind, and how if people knew what I was actually thinking, they'd be thankful that I kept to myself," shares Lyn.

"In My Mind" captures the inner workings of the human mind in a way most songs fail to do. Instead of aiming to portray intrusive, racing thoughts in a one-for-one manner, supplanting anxious inner dialogue with the insatiable pulse of an upward tempo, Lapid draws the curtain back to reveal a smoky jazz club in its twilight hours. It's a sauntering, intoxicating affair that delivers not just on its initial viral promise but on the promise of Lapid as a generation-defining star.

Listen to "In My Mind" below:

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