Magic Bronson Fall For a Robot in "My Baby is an Android"


Los Angeles duo Magic Bronson have a fresh new track for you. "My Baby is an Android" is a playful song full of charm and humor. Centered around the concept of falling in love with an AI (think Spike Jonze's  Her), the single reflects on our current reality and how consumed we are by technology. The duo spoke further, sharing, "We spend more time with our phones and those AI voices than we do with our significant others or family."

"My Baby is an Android" emits an iconic '50s offbeat doo-wop feel, adding to an already charming atmosphere. The use of drums and bass intertwined together creates an unforgettable, foot-tapping beat. Introducing vintage synths and rhythmic backing vocals, the track is centered on an addicting groove and feel.  Keeping a seemingly minimalist approach to the production, the vocals pop out across the track, gradually adding more layers and submerging you into a retro Atari game, all whilst being serenaded by silky, echoing vocals.

Magic Bronson have a natural penchant for shedding light on anxiety-provoking themes, all while still managing to deliver a single that puts listeners at ease. With three EP's and a full-length album already under their belt, the latest single sees the duo flying sky high. Their 2017 single "Nervous" shot off like a rocket after being whipped up in a Kylie and Kendall Instagram advert. With millions of streams globally, Magic Bronson are definitely one to look out for.

Listen to  "My Baby is an Android" below:

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